Announcing Galaxy Dash!


Over the past few months our team at SuperMoon has been hard at work, going through the unknowns of both starting a company and developing a game on our own.  The journey has been adventurous and the hard work is paying off, as today we are excited to officially reveal our first game — Galaxy Dash!

Galaxy Dash is an action-arcade game where players take on the role of a star captain and privateer who is navigating through The Outer Run, a dangerous but lucrative smuggling route on the edge of the galaxy.  Players will pilot their starship to dodge hazards, blast enemies, and collect valuable cargo as they make their way through the challenges of The Outer Run.

At the end of each run, players can use their earnings to upgrade ships and hire a crew of scoundrels to customize their ship’s special abilities.  Players can then challenge themselves to complete missions, record their high scores, and compete against friends to become the most infamous pilot in the galaxy!

We’ll be doing our best to share more details over the next several weeks, and in the meantime please check out a first look at some of the screenshots from Galaxy Dash!

GD_01    GD_02

GD_03    GD_04