About Us

SuperMoon Games, LLC was started with the goal of creating delicious, bite-sized games that could be enjoyed by both veteran gamers and an eager generation of new players. The independent studio is made up of Jim Vessella, Simon Armstrong, and Kyle Van Meurs, who left their corporate gigs behind for a chance at game development on their own.


The three person team at SuperMoon Games started prototyping their game in November 2013, and rallied around the project by officially forming the company in January 2014. The team is self-funding the project and living off savings, hoping to launch their debut title with enough success to continue developing further games. The team greatly appreciates the support thus far from the indie community, including startup advice and many words of encouragement and wisdom.


SuperMoon Games is…

  Jim Vessella

  Game Design & Studio Operations


Jim grew up in the rainy Pacific Northwest, fostering a perfect environment for a gaming childhood.  He has vivid memories of hosting LAN parties with his friends, lugging his 21″ CRT monitor from house to house in hopes of getting less than 400 pings in his favorite shooters.  The dream of working in video games led him to sunny LA where he attended the University of Southern California, during which he engaged in several game internships to get his feet wet.  Jim joined Electronic Arts Los Angeles full time after graduation, and was a Producer on six RTS titles including The Battle for Middle-earth II, Command & Conquer 3, Kane’s Wrath, and Red Alert 3.  The desire to learn about free-to-play and social gaming led him to Zynga, where he helped launch Empires & Allies and several casual titles.  Jim’s entrepreneurial bug finally caught up with him in late 2013, at which point he took the leap and SuperMoon Games was born.  Jim received the nickname “Jimtern” during his original EA internship, a name which has stuck ever since.

  Simon Armstrong


Simon_01 Hailing from the magical realm of Canada, Simon kicked off his career in video games at the early age of 10, focus testing Star Wars games for Lucas Learning. He was paid in action figures. Channeling a childhood interest in computers and gaming, Simon returned to Canada to study the arcane art of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. After graduating, Simon returned to California to wade into social, casual, and mobile game development at Zynga. At the end of 2013, Simon left the big corporate world, wanting to work with a smaller, more creative and focused team. The new year saw SuperMoon Games formed with these goals, and Simon is more excited than ever to be making games.

  Kyle Van Meurs



Kyle was born with a passion for art – and a love for video games followed soon after. To Kyle, video games were the obvious choice of entertainment, since he grew up in the middle of no where – in the foothills of California. Out there, finding something fun to do required either a lot of imagination, or simply, a favorite game console. It was after playing Final Fantasy VII while he was still in middle-school that Kyle decided he had to be a part of this industry and badly wanted to be a part of making something as great as that game was. To Kyle, the greatness of that game transcended being just simply fun to play – the entire experience was Art. From that point on, Kyle got involved in online mod and art communities to get closer to his dream. After graduating from Cogswell Polytechnical College in the Silicon Valley, Kyle landed at Zynga where he spent the next 4 years creating art for various Facebook games, but that too was only a stepping stone. Now at SuperMoon Games, Kyle is incredibly excited for the chance to create games of his own – and with an awesome team as well!