Lunchtime at SuperMoon

Maybe its something about working in the games industry, but lunch time has always been a special part of the day.  This is one of the best times to chat about the games you’re playing, what achievement you unlocked last night, or gossip about the latest rumor you read on Kotaku.

At our previous larger company, we had a tradition of Team Lunch Wednesdays, where we always went off campus for lunch with the entire team.  Favorite spots included our go-to sushi place and the SOMA Streat Food park.  This chance to hang out as a team helped foster an amazing culture, and eventually became our favorite time of the week.

As we formed SuperMoon, and despite not being in the heart of SOMA or having a large team, we wanted to continue that spirit of lunch being our favorite time to chat .  So every day we carve out time to make sandwiches, sit at the kitchen table, and chat about games.  Popular sandwiches usually include PB&Js, Turkey, or Salami, and occasionally we’ll be treated with cookies or a dessert from one of our supportive significant others  : )  Today we talked about The Last of Us DLC and their making-of documentary, and since March is packed with new game releases there will be no shortage of available gaming discussion.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your lunch as much as we do!

SuperMoon_Lunch_2 SuperMoon_Lunch_1